Full Face Masks


Respironics ComfortFull 2 Full Face

The ComfortFull 2 has been designed to provide the comfort, seal and support patients need to maintain therapy compliance – especially those who find nasal masks unsuitable because of mouth breathing. And it sits lower on the nose, eliminating pressure on the nose bridge.

Product Numbers/ Sizes
1004881 Small
1004873 Medium
1004951 Large
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Respironics FullLife Full Face

The FullLife full-face mask was designed specifically to provide a practical option for those patients who need the performance of a full-face mask but prefer a more compact and less intrusive mask. To accomplish that, the conventional forehead pad is eliminated providing a clear sight line. To enhance comfort, a dual-textured cushion is used that aids with assembly and prevents mask movement on the face.

Product Numbers/ Sizes
1047916 Small
1047917 Medium
1047918 Large
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Respironics ComfortGel Full Face

With an all-new design, the ComfortGel Full mask brings the natural comfort and seal benefits of Respironics’ gel technology to full-face mask wearers — and the convenience and practicality of a replaceable cushion design.

Product Numbers/ Sizes
1040140 Small
1040141 Medium
1040142 Large
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Respironics FitLife Total Face

The FitLife total face mask was designed to provide hard-to-fit patients with the comfort they deserve. FitLife provides a quick, robust seal around the less pressure-sensitive areas of the face, while allowing an unrestricted view.

Product Numbers/ Sizes
1060801 Small
1060802 Large
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Respironics Total Face

The Total Face Mask is an interface for adult patients using bi-level or CPAP systems in the hospital or home. It is a comfortable alternative for patients who may not be able to obtain a good seal with a nasal mask, experience skin breakdown, or who are claustrophobic.

Product Number
302433 Total Face
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Fisher & Paykel FlexiFit 431 Full Face

The FlexiFit 431 Full Face Mask offers a comfortable alternative to nasal or oral delivery. It incorporates the FlexiFit Technology with auto-contouring properties, features an Under-Chin fit and highly contoured Silicone Seal for maximum comfort and stability.

Product Numbers
HC431A Flexifit Small, Medium & Large Cushions
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Fisher & Paykel FlexiFit 432 Full Face

The FlexiFit 432, takes patient comfort to another level. It incorporates a new Soft Foam Cushion that combines with the contoured Silicone Seal to provide an even better seal and more comfortable fit.

Product Numbers/ Sizes
HC432AS Small
HC432AM Medium
HC432AL Large
HC432AXL Extra Large
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Fisher & Paykel Forma Full Face

The Forma Full Face Mask forms a superior seal and provides even more comfort with a greater range of movement through the active contouring of its new FlexiFoam Cushion. The T-Piece adds stability to the stylized Mask Base, and works in harmony with the highly contoured Silicone Seal and Under-Chin Design to enhance sleep performance. With its ease of use and superior conforming seal.

Product Numbers/ Sizes
400470A Small
400471A Medium
400472A Large
400473A Extra Large
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ResMed Mirage Quattro Full Face

Mirage Quattro’s MicroFit dial offers a choice of 24 positions on the forehead support to suit individual facial structures. The mask’s Spring Air cushion technology accommodates movement during sleep and provides an effective solution for jaw drop. Streamlined design and quiet performance, Mirage Quattro looks sleek, feels light and is easy to fit and use. Mirage Quattro has fewer parts than other full face masks, making it easier to handle, assemble and disassemble for cleaning.

Product Numbers/ Sizes
61200 Extra Small
61201 Small
61202 Medium
61203 Large
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ResMed Ultra Mirage Full Face

Around 40% of CPAP users and almost all bilevel users lose treatment pressure through their mouths, either by mouth breathing or mouth leak. This pressure loss can result in flu-like symptoms, less effective therapy, and poor sleep. The Ultra Mirage full face mask stops this loss so you get more comfortable and effective therapy. If you often have a stuffy nose or just want a mask that you can wear when you have allergies or a cold, the Ultra Mirage Full Face Mask is the answer.

Product Numbers/ Sizes
61600 Small Standard
61601 Small Shallow
61602 Medium Standard
61603 Medium Shallow
61604 Large Standard
61605 Large Shallow
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ResMed Mirage Liberty Full Face

Mirage Liberty is a full face mask that seals individually at the mouth and nose. With less skin contact and an open field of vision, this unobtrusive mask feels light on the face. With a fit range of over 90% of users, the Mirage Liberty is ideal for patients seeking a comfortable alternative to conventional full face masks.

Product Numbers/ Sizes
61300 Small
61301 Large
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