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Respiratory Therapy Specialists Inc. carries a wide range of respiratory, anesthesia and EMS related products from manufacturers of some of the highest quality products in the world.

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Since 1937, breakthrough ideas have fuelled AMBU’s work on bringing efficient healthcare solutions to life. This is what they create within their fields of excellence – Anaesthesia, Patient Monitoring & Diagnostics, and Emergency Care.

Millions of patients and healthcare professionals worldwide depend on the functionality and performance of AMBU products. They are dedicated to improve patient safety and determined to advance single-use devices.

Product Categories


Emergency Care

O-Two Medical Technologies is dedicated to the provision of state-of-the-art products for Emergency Respiratory Care.

They continue to offer technologically advanced products that provide the best in patient outcomes. Their commitment to on-going product development brings that technology to new heights, limited only by the imagination.

Product Categories

Automatic Transport Ventilators

Automatic Resuscitators

Emergency CPAP

Manual Resuscitators

Demand Valve Devices

Analgesic Gas Delivery Systems

Regulators, Flow Controllers & Aspirators

Oxygen Therapy & Resuscitation Kits

Mounting & Carrying Solutions

CPR Protective Devices

Ventilation Training Aids


Ohio Medical is proud of its rich history as one of the cornerstones of the Respiratory Therapy Industry. Patient safety is their top priority! With over 75 years of manufacturing experience, Ohio Medical’s vast and impressive line of high quality respiratory products provides functionality, efficiency, convenience and safety.

In 2007, Ohio Medical Corporation acquired Amvex® Corporation.   This expanded their portfolio of suction and oxygen therapy products by including a global market leadership position for medical gas hoses and patented technologies for digital gauge suction regulators, and dual port wall mounted integrated air and oxygen flow meters.

Product Categories

Vacuum Regulators


Gas Fittings & Connections

Integrated Flowmeters



Oxygen Monitors & Analyzers

ETT Cuff Inflators


For more than 60 years, Western has been supplying products for the control, storage and transmission of high-pressure gases to the industrial, medical and specialty gas markets–and leading the field in the ways that matter most. Western is dedicated to be the best provider of compressed gas systems and components.

Product Categories

Flow Regulators

Pressure Regulators



DISS Specialty Adapters

DISS Fittings

High Pressure Fittings

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