Information on the measures taken by Air Liquide Healthcare to prevent the spread of Covid-19 for its customers and patients

Faced with the current evolution of the Covid-19 epidemic and in compliance with the measures recommended by the health authorities, particularly in stage 3 of contamination, Air Liquide Healthcare has organized in the countries concerned and throughout the world.

For several weeks now, the company has been fully mobilized to protect the health and safety of its employees, hospital customers and patients with maximum efficiency, while maintaining its activity at the service of the health systems of the various countries.

In each country, business continuity plans have been activated, and  home office measures have been set up for non-critical teams. Air Liquide Healthcare Canada makes every effort to ensure the continuity of supply of oxygen and oxygen therapy devices to its customers and patients.

All our employees working with hospitals and patients at home strictly apply protection instructions and prioritize maintenance and visits to patients who need them, in order to ensure the supply of medical gases and oxygen therapy and ventilation devices, in coordination with healthcare professionals and authorities. Disinfection measures on the sites have been reinforced and teams are mobilized to ensure close monitoring of needs and increase deliveries to our customers when necessary.

Air Liquide Healthcare Canada is more than ever committed to supporting players in the various healthcare systems around the world where the company operates